When It’s Time to Deep-Clean Your Apartment

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CleaningDeep-cleaning an apartment can be one of the more oddly satisfying tasks you can do, even if getting motivated is one of the harder things in life. This particular chore is more than just wiping down the sinks and sweeping the floors, which is why it's not always clear when you should really tackle the extra work. Here are a few tips on when and how to get started. 

Several Times a Year

Ideally, you should be aiming for between three and four months to deep clean your apartment. A deep-clean should hit every surface of the home, including inside the oven and in the cracks of the corners. All that dust that's been building up under your bed and piling on the top of your ceiling fans has to go. The spots on your shower door and the gunk that's accumulated on the stove burners are all fair game too. The good news is that making a deep clean a habit is a great way to cut down on just how much effort it will take to hit each of these difficult-to-access spaces. 

When to Step It Up 

Some people are naturally more messy than others, though this shouldn't be taken as a judgment statement. If you love to try out new recipes, then, of course, your kitchen is going to be messier than that of a person who never cooks! If your hobbies tend to take their toll on the apartment after just a few sessions, you may want to step up your cleaning schedule a little. This doesn't mean every month, but it may mean once every six weeks to two months. If you're having trouble getting started, just picture how good it will feel to finally be able to breathe deep in a completely cleaned apartment. 

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