5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean

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It's no surprise that clean apartments look cheerful and inviting. Keeping a clean apartment can be tough for people who don't have time to do regular deep cleaning activities. These five daily tasks can help keep your apartment looking cleaner on a regular basis!

1. Always Finish the Dishes

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink! Leaving food on dishes makes the cleaning process take longer. Dirty dishes left in the kitchen also make preparing food a challenge. Resolve to always finish the dishes after meals. Spread the work around and assign the dishes to different people in your household on different nights.  

2. Disinfect the Kitchen Sink

After cleaning the dishes, clean your kitchen sink with disinfectant. To do this, mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Use a fresh sponge to wipe down the inside of the sink until the surface gleams, then wash the sponge before using it again. 

3. Wipe Down Counters With Disposable Wipes

Keep disposable wipes in the cabinet under your sink, then wipe down the counters with disposable wipes every evening. Pick up at least one or two countertop appliances (your toaster and blender, for example) and wipe away the crumbs underneath them. Try to pick up a new set of countertop appliances every night. 

4. Dust a Little Bit Every Night

Dust can build up fast if you're not careful. Dust two or three pieces of furniture every night. Start in the corner of your living room nearest to the front door, then dust a few things from that corner. The following night, dust the next few things placed clockwise from the first piece. 

Go around the room this way, and when you're done, switch to another room. When you've finished, go back to the first room. 

5. Empty the Trash Nightly

Trash can start to smell overnight, which can leave your apartment seeming unclean. Take out your trash every night before bed. 

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