Transforming Your Apartment Home Into a Coastal Oasis

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People love the beach. In a coastal community like Santa Rosa Beach, coastal styles and decor get top marks from many locals. Keep these key concepts in mind if you’re looking to create an authentic coastal living space in your apartment home.

Transforming Your Apartment Home Into a Coastal Oasis

Use the Colors of the Sea for Accents

The waters of the ocean often include varying shades of blue and green. Pick out accent pieces such as area rugs, throw pillows and artwork in these shades when decorating your apartment home. These decorative items aren’t meant to provide the primary colors in your home, but they do bring a hint of the sea inside.

Keep the Main Color Palette Neutral

A neutral color scheme throughout your apartment allows you to have greater control over which items stand out and grab the attention of your guests. Keep the colors consistent throughout your apartment so that special items are showcased from room to room rather than things that are inconsequential such as wall colors or furniture.

Use Natural Items for Decorations

The sea really does provide all the decorations you need for a home you intend to be a coastal oasis for your family. Driftwood, sand dollars, starfish and seashells can make stunning items for your decor while serving to showcase the riches Mother Nature has to offer.

Choose Natural Materials for Furniture and Decor

Wood, wicker, rattan and bamboo are all excellent choices for furniture in your coastal oasis apartment. These materials invite thoughts of sandy beaches and breezy afternoons by the sea. You will find them in a variety of light colors that make them ideally suited for a coastal design.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Use sheer window coverings and neutral shades for windows so you can take advantage of natural sunlight to enhance your decor and style. You’re sure to love the way the light filters in, and it will promote the breezy style you’re seeking.

Before you begin your search for apartments in Santa Rosa Beach, call to check our availability and schedule your tour. Then you can put your talents to work transforming your new apartment into a coastal oasis all your own.

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