Fun Winter Entertaining Ideas

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The weather outside your Santa Rosa Beach apartment may give you the chills, but inside your apartment, entertaining can still be a thrill. Take a look at a few fun winter season entertaining ideas to bust boredom in spite of the cold.

Fun Winter Entertaining Ideas

Throw an Impromptu Winter Dinner Party 

If you have been trapped indoors for far too many days because of the cold, brighten the evening by hosting an impromptu winter dinner party. Call up a few guests, create a simple menu worthy of cold weather, and set up a tablescape that matches the occasion. The dish for your impromptu dinner party does not have to be complicated to be pleasing for your winter-season guests who will no doubt appreciate the free meal. You could go for a quick chili or lentil soup paired with brisket sandwiches and hot toddies, for example. 

Invite Guests Over for a Movie Night 

With the availability of basic projectors that can transform your smartphone into a movie-playing machine, movie nights at your apartment can be a whole lot of fun and really easy to pull off. Clear out a wall in your apartment living room, hang up a white sheet, and pick out a few good cold-weather movies. Some movie suggestions to consider for the event would be: 

  • The Ice Storm (1997)
  • Snow Cake (2006)
  • Vertical Limit (2000)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
  • Fargo (1996)

For a bit of added entertaining fun, have your guests bring along their favorite movie-watching treats, whether it is decked-out popcorn, candy or spicy chips. 

Host a Winter-Worthy Soup Swap 

Soup is one of the top cold-weather foods, and everyone has a favorite. Create a small guest list and have each person bring a pot of their favorite soup. Whip up your own favorite soup, such as one of the delectable recipes for winter soups on Delish, and supply all the yummy additives and toppings. Guests can show off their recipes and discover new ones at the soup swap. 

Colder weather should never stop the fun entertaining that can happen inside your apartment. Reach out to us at Sanctuary 331 to find out about our Santa Rosa Beach apartments with open floor plans that are perfect for entertaining. 

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